Monday, May 30, 2011

New equipment!

Guess what we've been working on? Making space in our garage by selling things we don't use or need.

Just in time to add this:

and this:

That's a kiln and a slab roller - they now live in our garage, and we got a really good deal for both of these plus all kinds of equipment on craigslist. To be clear, I know nothing about ceramics. But, we're about to learn! I have the support of the Ben's Bells organization in Tucson in order to have a place here to make the bells for annual distribution, just like the one we did in May. Now, we just need to get a 220 outlet put in our garage, and get a few more supplies, and then we'll be ready to start making pieces of the bells here in Colorado, in our garage! We'll start slow, but hopefully gain momentum. I envision that we'll make up "kits" for people to pick up and take to groups, to make beads, or paint beads or paint centerpieces and we'll have people over to work on pieces sometimes. Then we can fire and glaze and fire at our convenience in our own garage.

Stay updated on the Colorado happenings at Be Kind Colorado or on Facebook here.

We've managed to get the distribution of Ben's Bells here and buy some equipment and materials with fundraisers we've had so far (plus the income we hope to bring in with the Canvas and Cocktails fundraiser in two weeks on June 14). We're excited about it, it will be a fun new project that brings another dimension to our family, and helps to spread an important message!

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